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I usually hunt a little further south of the Moore, but the birds seemed to be thick in a couple of areas that they tend to thrive this year. One of the biologist out there doing gobble counts the day before the season heard over 15 different gobbles, and another hunter out preseason scouting lost count of the number of gobbles he heard and said it was the most activity he's heard in all his years of hunting there, so they seem to be doing alright out there.

I hope to put something together after deer season, and if I can get enough participants to commit I'll have the TTFHA guys out to help train those wanting to learn.

I think this along with all the habitat improvement going on will be extremely beneficial to the turkey population out that way.

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I'm all for it! I've been hunting the Moore since I was old enough to walk, the Turkey are thin but if you know where to look they are there.
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