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I really enjoy reading all of your comments. I went deer hunting for 1st x as a kid with my dad, before he got hurt. During a Thanksgiving trip home (around Rayburn Lake) in 2013, my brother sat me in one of those "chair in a bag" with a gun in my hand and said "point there and wait." I sat there 5am and 3:30pm for 3 days and didn't see a thing, but the love for the woods started there. I went back home for Christmas and this time, he had a lease, with a feeder on it. I sat in a lean-to and almost fired at something, but the light wasn't right for me to see what I was shooting at w/ a 100%, so I did the right thing, as a rookie and let it walk. By this point, I'm really getting hooked. 2014 season, I didn't see anything during Thanksgiving.
After that season 2014, I said that I need to find something closer to DFW, around my home so that I can take these few Scouting tips (rubs, scraps, deer highways, pinch points, down/up wind, pop-up blinds, tree climbers etc.) and put it to use. I bought a gun and a crossbow (I know, I need to get a compound or longbow) and started with Tawakoni for all of Oct. and saw a few doe's. During general season, I went to Hunt County (all public land) and hunted every single Saturday and Sunday. I watched a spike walk in front of me 30 yards and it had extra points on it, so I thought it was a 4pt. but learned that less than one inch, it's legal. I saw doe's stop and dance in front of me for 10 mins, 10 yards out. I was so amazed at the nature I saw before my eyes, but didn’t shoot anything with a gun there either. During the extended season, to make this story short, the day before close...its 7:45am, I’m playing with my phone, recording this cool little spot, (that another very kind bow hunter shared with me, he knew I was putting the time in and really trying hard.) This spike walks into the screen and looks up at me and then I fire and I got my 1st deer ever with that crossbow on video. I did the whole tracking thing and said "Crap, now what do I do? I don’t know how to clean this thing…" I figured it out, bought a grinder and we had some good meat in the freezer. I can tell you I have BUCK FEVER and can’t stop thinking about the woods.
I wrote all of this, 1. Because I have learned a lot from reading these forms, and thankful for the tips that y'all share on here and 2. Because I applied for the deer lottery, around Lake Grapevine and also have been drawn for one of those "Golden Tickets!" I'm very excited and I will do my best, to get something and hopefully something bigger than a spike, but I’m not hunting racks yet, I want meat in the freezer!! Happy Hunting Season to you ALL & WISH ME GOOD LUCK... ! :-)

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