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Buff mentioned in the thread earlier on the fishing situation. Same situation happened to my family a few years ago...let someone we know and trust fish, on the condition it was catch and release only, let us know when you are coming out, close the gates behind you, watch out for the cows, etc...

A few weeks later they started bringing out a friend or two, started leaving trash everywhere. Balls of fishing line left around the pond, had calves with fishing line wrapped around their leg. Last straw was them shooting fireworks off during a burn ban. Shut down anyone else coming out, then a few weeks later had a group of guys fishing that we didn't know down there. They said they had permission to fish there by the original people we let come out.

Frustrating the responsible people get lumped in with the idiots, but that's just the way it is nowadays. If my family can't trust anyone just to go fishing, how can we trust someone with a firearm on our place?
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