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Originally Posted by d_e_smith View Post
The first cpl times I posted hog (herd) pics on here I got bombarded with PMs asking to let them run dogs. And the conversations when snippy when I said no, well, bc I don't want a dog on the place either.

A lot of folks that run dogs don't have a big enough string of dogs (that are honest to goodness hog dogs) and are worried about keepin' them alive to sale. Best Houndsman I've ever known ran his truck like a quail truck, 12-16 bay dogs he'd rotate out and 3-4 catch dogs. If they hit a big sounder they would catch 8-10 hogs at a time and they killed them on the spot.

A lot of folks don't understand that property owners are waaaaaaay past hogs being sport animals and are just overgrown vermin.

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