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Default PACE Rules of Engagement

I'm making a last-ditch effort to clean up this forum before I pull the plug entirely. I'm holding us to a higher standard than the rest of the Internet Here are some requirements. Check back frequently to the OP because I'll probably be adding as we go...

1. Be respectful to the site and our members, with your posts and replies.

I shouldn't have to elaborate beyond that, but...

2. Name calling of any kind isn't appropriate. "Idiot", "not very smart", "clueless", "libtard", "trumpateer/trumpist/trumpkin", etc. aren't an appropriate way to address site members.

3. Name calling, even of candidates, is juvenile. "Trumph", "Killary", "Obummer", "Lyin' Ted", etc. aren't appropriate for this site (or for presidential candidates, IMO...but I can't control that.)

4. Telling another member to "go away" (in various forms) or "get over it" isn't an appropriate or intelligent reply, and doesn't add value to the conversation, or the site.

5. If more than 50% of your posts to the site are in the Politics/Current Events forum, it's likely you're not adding value to the site. If you don't add value to the site, there's no use for you to be here.

6. I'm tired of the "spill-over" posts and "calling out" members on unrelated threads (and often other social media outlets). "I wonder what has to say about...". or "I bet wishes..." on other threads inside or outside of this forum is antagonistic. If you're the type to hold a grudge based on words on the internet, this likely isn't a good place for you to hang out.

7. Don't be antagonistic...intentionally or unintentionally.

8. Don't post memes or gifs.

Again, I might suggest referring back to this thread at least daily for awhile.

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