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Originally Posted by dagdog View Post
Low light requires higher ISO's/faster lens. Higher ISO setting usually result in more noise in your photos. Noise equates to grainy photos. Today's cameras do a wonderful job of noise reduction at the higher ISO settings. I think you are better off investing in quality lenses instead of buying cameras. Canon/Nikon etc have used the same lens mounts for decades. I have Nikor lenses that are 20 to 30 years old that I still use today. They don't go out of favor and they maintain their value.

Digital Camera bodies are like any other electronic device. Almost obsolete the day you buy them. And they depreciate in value very fast. I purchased a Nikon D200 several years ago for $1250.00. On Ebay today they go for $125.00. The 70-200mm f2.8 lens still sells for $1200.00-$1300.00.

The bones of the camera system are the lenses.
X2. Low light and action, need better lens. Cameras can only do so much. I personally don't like altered photos, so manipulation after the shot is too late. I do it if needed, but like natural.

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