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Pretty much what Rat said. I have done both commercial and residential, and heavy commercial / industrial.
Residential has attics, commercial has rooftops, heavy commercial has cooling towers and mechanical rooms.
I liked mechanical rooms and towers best. Mostly indoor work. Inspections and small repairs in the summer (except for emergencies), Annuals and teardowns in the winter.

I started small and worked up to heavy. Some of the heavy techs I have worked with had only done heavy, and didn't have the know how to do residential.

I now have my own business and work on almost anything. Did some refrigeration for a while but got tired of crawling around on kitchen floors, so I don't do much of that anymore. Right now I am recovering from back surgery and breaking my femur and dislocating my hip last year, also renal cancer. Cancer is in check, working on getting range of motion back in my hip, be a bit before I am back to full strength.

Go to a vocational or trade school, it is very hard to get the basic electrical and refrigeration knowledge just by diving in. You will only get out of it what you put in, it takes about 5 years to make a well rounded commercial tech, and that's if he really wants it. I recommend working for a larger company so you have support from high end techs and training, and the on call duty doesn't come around so often. Some guys like working for the union, lots of commercial companies are, so you can go through the apprenticeship program if you like.

Young Black men are missing the boat on this one, as not that many seem to get in the business, and most companies really need to diversify (most are pressured by the state because they don't have minorities).
Not being racist here, but residential (especially installing) has been taken over by people that don't speak English and work cheaper, so I wouldn't even consider that route. But lots of money is there for commissioned sales techs if you can go that route and still sleep at night.
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