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I've been in the industry in Austin for 26 years now. I started as a green tin-knocker and worked my way up. I am now a Service Manager for a large company here in Austin. I love this industry.

As a hiring manager I can tell you this: It doesn't matter if you have an AAS or a trade school cert; we hire based on experience and personality. Entry level techs are entry level techs; schools (all of them) only give you the basics and theory. Pay will be set at time of interview based on how much theory you retained, your personality and your aptitude and mentality to learn.

First year techs will not be able to do either (unless you are a prodigy); there will be extensive time in the field with training techs until you are ready to get out on your own. For some this is a few weeks, for others a few months.

My residential techs make anywhere from 45K to 90K+ with overtime and sales Spiffs (they are not selling techs, we have dedicated salesmen to do that). For a market like Austin 90K is about the upper limit and can be reached by most techs who are eager to learn and hard working in about 4 years.

It is hard work; hot attics and rooftops, heavy tools and equipment, ornery customers, terrible traffic and seasonal swings can reek havoc on a tech just getting in to the business.

But if you stick with it is a very rewarding career. Hard work, brains and a great personality will get you far in this field.

It is by far the best trade, but I may be a little biased.
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