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Originally Posted by robbyreneeward View Post
Thanks for the input. I just didn't know if one meant more over the other or what. I have a couple guys I know who own their own company and they are making good money. Lots of hard work but they say it's worth it.
It is a good field but it can be tough work dragging tools, parts and working on rooftops or attics in Texas. I have several friends who own companies and there is plenty of money to be made. A service tech is somewhat limited in his earning ability but can make a good living if you can handle the hours. There will be a learning curve to be proficient in diagnosing and fixing problems even if you have a solid mechanical background. I got out of the field due to the late nights and on call that was always unpredictable. It was tough to make plans when you never knew what time you would be getting off. I swore many nights my light switch activated my on call pager. I was topped out pay wise so I could either start a business or find a new career. I choose the latter.
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