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Originally Posted by texashunter74 View Post
It has been a few years but we had luck hunting North of Tioga on 377. Take 377 to Hog Town rd. you will go north of Tioga cross the lake and I believe it is your next right. Then go a couple of miles and turn right on Welsh School Rd. till it dead ends. There is an entrance to the Texas Parks and Wildlife hunting area.

This is not a grand slam but we shot 3 hogs over a couple of years. Maybe a 1 hog every 5 trips. We almost always saw or heard them. The lake level will play a major role in your luck. If the water is high the hogs move back to private property. However if the water is a little low you can catch them going from the tree line to the water. We use to sit on the edge of the tree line wait for the hogs to go to water and then move to where they left the trees and would try to ambush them on the way back.

1 important thing. Make sure you have your public lands permit. I believe the Land owner at the end of the road calls the game warden almost every time we went there. He was always nice but then again we were always legal.

The last hunt we did out there we used Hog in Heat and would have really done well if we could have stayed quite and still.
That was one of the places I checked out. Looked great.

Is it legal to hunt the WMA at night for hogs? Anyone know?
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