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Originally Posted by Landrover View Post
I hope it is deadwood as it is taking away from what is important. .....our progress!!! As many have said,"too many unforced errors!" [emoji36] I will standby this everyday and twice on Sundays .......Russia is NOT our friend in any form or capacity. Alarming how many seemed to be lulled into believing they are because of political affiliation or worse. [emoji20]

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I don't think anyone believes they are our friend, they just don't represent the threat that they once did. The House is still saying, as recent as yesterday, they have seen no evidence suggesting any inappropriate contact with Russia. Politicians on both sides of the isle have been continuously meeting with Russia for years. It's what policy makers do. Especially When you are on a committee dedicated to oversight of an entity who explicitly operates in foreign theatres. You meet with foreign governments.

This is nothing more than a pathetic attempt to discredit the current administration. Heck, John McCain who is a big pusher behind this Russian conspiracy has met with leaders of ISIS and AQ. There is photographic evidence of it. There are far more important things we should be focusing on.
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