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Originally Posted by XBowHunter View Post
Why all the secrecy?

Why the original denials of contact?

Why not just be truthful about all of those involved?

Instead the trump admin keeps getting drug the mud by the media.

He should hold a press conference today and spill the beans about everyone in the admin that has met with the ruskies & what the conversation was about.

Or he can just keep on looking like a liar and a con-man. His choice really, unless he is hiding something.

We could start here: He can produce his taxes to prove its nothing financial
Your smart enough ( I hope ) to realize that no matter what Trump does the media will be making up stories to drag him through the mud.
Just ask Bush how well the media treated him.
Trump has international business in many corners of the world. If he has business ties in Russia what the **** difference does it make.
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