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Originally Posted by Bazo View Post
Why does everyone want and care about his taxes? Most politicians release their tax returns because they are public servants. Trump wasnít a politician he was a private citizen that dealt in big business, his business. To me itís just another dem talking point to stir the pot over nothing. Being a private citizen and a business man you do whatís best for your business and yourself not your country. I could be wrong as Iím not a business owner but the ones Iíve known have never sat around thinking what can I do to better my country before taking care of my business.
If he'll show his returns it'll show who his business partners & of course where his funds come from. What I don' understand is Trump International has tried for years to open a Trump Tower in Russia & China. China told them to pound sand & wanted no part of Trump International but just last month Trump won a law suit in China for the illegal use of Trumps brand.

Russia on the other hand hasn't declined or accepted Trumps offer ???
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