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I advise not to go, ive been, we spent 4 days there, we saw plenty of does and spikes, which he wouldnt allow to be shot, look at the website, my dads holding a bobcat in it hanging by its leg, hate the fact that we helped advertising for him, since i think its strinctly a money mkaing place based on lies,when we went a few of the feders(that he feeds year round were empty) he send his ranchhand to put a coffee can full of corn in each of them to run until we were gone, we did bring our own corn and spread on the road,no one saw anything worht shooting, no 4's, 6's, 8's nothing.... i shot a javalina which was fun. the guy has all kinds of racks in his house including a rhino and all other stuff, cool place but i wouldnt pay to hunt it, its shot out
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