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Originally Posted by BIGTERRY75 View Post
If it is drive by wire replace the whole thing if it is clean and not dirty. If Drive by wire is it the sensor at the pedal that is bad, or the one on the TB?
Have you ever cleaned the TB?
If not, turn key to run position (do not start) and use the pedal to open the TB. Do not force it open by hand!!!!!
You can clean it with brake parts cleaner, carb cleaner, TB cleaner, etc.
We start with a small plastic bristle hand brush(an old tooth brush would work) and break all the crud down then wipe down clean with a rag, do a good job here and don't get out of control on how much cleaner you spray down into the intake.
After cleaning re-assemble the intake tube and start vehicle.

You will have to hold the throttle wide open until it clears out all the chemicals you sprayed into the intake.

If it is cable driven, just clean the TB and replace the only TPSensor it has.

I have cleaned the TB but it has been a while. Am i better off starting here and giving it a few days to see if goes back into the reduced power mode? To be honest, not sure if it is drive by wire or cable driven. I would need to look at it
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