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There isn't one law that could have stopped this guy from killing a lot of people. With a crowd that big and dense, a Uhaul truck could have been just as devastating.

The fundamental flaw with the gun control advocate's argument, is that they refuse to acknowledge that evil people exist. They think everyone is a rational person and acts as such. Which is why they think laws will work. The people that do these type of things care nothing for human life, and are committing the most heinous crime, and act against human decency/morality that you can. Why would they care about laws regarding obtaining and possessing firearms?

People have been doing horrible, horrible &%^$ since the beginning of man kind. It's just a sad fact of being human. These type of tragedies are going to happen from time to time and no laws, regulations or rules can stop them.

Diving into statistics, handguns are used overwhelmingly more often in shootings and mass shootings. That alone proves there is a political agenda here.
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