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Originally Posted by Chase This! View Post
But he didn't. And post 9-11, they took drastic new security measures to prevent that. What new measures do you approve here?

Ps. Nice to have a civilized debate. Nothing personal.
Originally Posted by M16 View Post
Unfortunately there are risks living in a free society. I don't support any new measures to legislate inanimate objects.

Ps. agreed.
I agree. No new measures. It would just be more government BS that wouldn't stop the next guy.

IMO we need to think about going back towards the old days with less restrictions and "measures". At least look at how many billions or trillions we're using trying to put up road blocks that are easy to go around and see if there's a better way to spend the money. Can't give suggestions because we never know what sets these people off. But if it's because of an unfair system of some kind, fix the system. If it's mental health, focus on that.
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