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I got two---

First, one summer I was up in my tripod with a pole pruner trimming shooting lanes. Finished up, collapsed the pole, wrapped the rope around the pole and then proceeded to throw it like a spear to the ground--BUT---I forgot that curved saw blade. Yep---it was turned towards me and it got me on the side of my jaw below the ear--about 1.5" worth of ragged tear. Felt like someone hit me with a broomstick, and as I sat stunned, I said "Self, why is blood dripping on the stand?" Took my dirty sweaty shirt off and put it on the wound, then said "Self, how you gonna climb down one-handed?" Managed to get down and walk to the truck about 200 yds away and worked up the nerve to take the shirt down and take a look---put the shirt back and drove home. I had to call my advice nurse to get permission to go to the ER or I would have had to pay the bill myself (retired Army) and after the discussion I decided I wasn't driving 32 miles to the army hospital and wasn't gonna pay the bill to use the local ER. Had quit bleeding so wife and I cleaned it up and got the butterflies out and patched it. Healed just fine, no infection, and what's one more ragged scar for a 71 y.o. guy?

#2--my truck was in the body shop and I was hog hunting out of a rental--a Chevy Silverado. Sitting watching the feeder and I look off to the right and see a couple of hogs headed for the feeder, and they were only about 30-40 yds away. Pulled the M70 Featherweight back in from the driver's side window and slowly got on the nearest hog---BOOM! Sort of like Sika not putting the muzzle out the blind window, I didn't have the .22-250 muzzle clear, and a truck cab is small and not a suppressor. Hog dropped and the other one ran off towards the feeder so I quickly repositioned the rifle just in case. Looked back at the one I shot and there was #2 walking down the fence line. Wouldn't you know it, he stopped and offered me the perfect shot, and I am obviously a slow learner as I did a repeat of my previous shot.
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