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Originally Posted by Dry Bones View Post
Rat, after my bow experimentation, I did play with some arrows from my longbows and ran a few through my compound. I have some Gold Tip Traditional arrows spined 340, with 100 grain brass inserts. @ 20 yards the difference was minimal, but from there the gap between pin and point of impact grew substantially, which I already knew was going to be the case.
Point to all this.
I REALLY like heavy points in my traditional bows, but had not moved that route in my compound. No chronograph so no way for me to really know what the change in arrow weight does for me, but in the target, (again not scientific as density changes all over the target), but the added FOC did not change the penetration by more than 1" (close to 50 comparable shots).
All my tinkering came back to was, I have had great success with my past set-up and did not see enough improved penetration from adding brass inserts that I wanted to add more money per shaft.
Have you had a chance to put any numbers on different shafts to see what you were getting in speed, kinetic energy (I also realize there is some fault at the physical number kinetic energy when looking at arrows but it's a measurable standard) and actual penetration?
My current compound set-up is 68#At 27.75" draw G5 Quest Rogue. Arrows are 28" off a QAD rest.
Sorry for the long one, still trying to make sense of FOC and actual real results.

If Iím reading this right. You increased foc but didnt see penetration difference in a target. That is correct. You wonít. Iím suprized with the added weight you didnít notice less penetration vs more on a lighter faster arrow.

When doing penetration test you cannot use targets. Targets work on friction. So a slower arrow will not penetrate as much as a faster arrow. Just how it is. Targets can grip a slow moving arrow easier

If you want to look at penetration sand is the best. Sand has little restriction somarrow stops when it runs out of forward momentum This is a good way to prove physics. Now a high foc arrow vs low foc same weight arrow shot into sand will have about same penetration. Foc comes into play when there is restriction on impact. Meaning to see if foc will out perform you need more restriction on impact.
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