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Originally Posted by Archery1st View Post
While I agree weight is important. I'll take speed and less arrow drop first with adequate weight.

My setup is 29.5" / 74lbs - 390 gr arrow @ 315 fps. I shoot the same setup for Whitetail, Axis, Mule deer and Elk. I have shot several Elk past 50 yards and never had a problem with penetration. Most don't passthrough as I try to hit the opposite shoulder.

Point being you were fine where you were - 280 fps & 430Gr arrow will kill anything in North America with proper shot placement.

If you hit solid bone on a Elk, Axis, Mule deer or even a big whitetail - it is not going to matter.
I can agree with you, but I would add one more thing. Not all 390 gr arrows are equal. If 390 is your number, try and build the arrow with more FOC, if possible.? It will perform better. Better flight, less effect from wind and will penetrate better.
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