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Default Arrow help.... I think I over did it...

Ok, so, Iím over thinking. You ever over thought something. Of course you have. Itís what we do! Anyways, I have crunched numbers based off two different arrows I have shot and chronoíd. One is 433 grain and 264 fps and the other is 476 grain and 252 fps. Both are Easton axis. Based on all the math and crunching I was able to configure approximate arrow speeds for set ups of different arrows.

Looked at victory vaps, victory rips, Easton flatlines, and Easton axis (currently shooting). Based on what I have found is I can go to the Easton axis with a 27Ē shaft, 340 spine, add 50 grain insert, 100 grain BH, and after fletching and knock come in at around 430 grains and have a foc close to 12%. Momentum of .5 and KE of 67.

The 433 grain arrow I was shooting was 29Ē and didnít have weighted insert. I was happy with around 270 fps in that arrow.

I have my arrows at 476 grain, 250 fps, and 67 KE. Why not pick up almost 18 fps if I am not really losing anything else? Whatís the downside?

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