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Originally Posted by Artos View Post
The custom action will hold its value substantially vs a trued doubt they also work the bolt slicker so to speak along with the groovy vibe brought to the table. Still, I don't think I've ever had to take a follow up shot on my 700 280ai in over 20yrs so working the gun on a big game gun doesn't mean much for what has been a single shot really. A 700 can be every bit as accurate as a custom by the right smith, so you just have to balance $$$ available to spend on the build vs the $$$ you may want to recover later. I guess my 700 280 might be worth $1k to the right person if I put it on the market and have more in it even as old as it is, but would not sell for double.

Having said that, my next rig will be a custom action / non 700 varmint build of sorts to appreciate working the gun for that application & better long term value if i ever decide to do such.
I don't THINK I'll sell it... but that's a good point. Look at GAP rifles. they go used for almost new pricing.
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