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Originally Posted by Clay C View Post
I met a nice English couple when I was fishing in Mexico last year. They live in Germany and were vacationing around Mexico. After A LOT of Mezcal, the guy brought up politics. He asked if I supported Trump to which I said yes. He then no BS asked me why I was in Mexico if I hated Mexicans so much. That took me by surprise. He explained to me that all they see over there is that America has become overtaken by racist. He even used the phrase "return of the KKK". He told me some incredibly shocking things about the news cycle over there and he believed every word of it.

I explained to him the real situation. Why Trump was voted in. The economic impact of illegal immigration etc.. He flat faced told me he was ashamed for approaching me like that and that my explanation made much more sense than what they are told.

Oh I know. I'm Hispanic and they are amazed that I support trump cause in their minds my parents were from Mexico and I some how migrated here. I have to explain to them, no my parents are from Corpus Christi Texas and my grandparents are from Falfurias Texas. Great grand parents are from Premont TX and Floresvilla and yes that's still in Texas.

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