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Default Sexier Than Hell Ram Hunt 2018

Reveille reveille reveille!!! It is time! Mark your calendars and prepare for July 12-15!

This year we are returning to the gorgeous South Texas brush country, on over 1000 acres at Tatonka Creek Ranch!

With that said, here's some info about the hunt and the ranch that you'll want to know:

Hunting rams, but you will also see and be able to shoot over a dozen species of gorgeous exotics!

July 12-15, 2018. We arrive Thursday afternoon and take off Sunday early afternoon!

Tatonka Creek Ranch, in beautiful Benavides, TX!

Prepare for some really nice digs! There will be an abundance of bunks, a full kitchen, outdoor grilling area, and more!


Total Hunt Cost (if you harvest your ram) = $295 +$30 guide tip

Deposit: To secure your spot on this hunt, you will need to submit a deposit of $150. You may send me a check (payable to the ranch, not me), or you may call 361-533-1068, and pay over the phone by card. If you call in payment, simply tell them you're putting down your deposit for the Sexier Than Hell hunt on July 14th!

Guide Tip: All hunters pay a $30 guide tip upon arrival. This hunt is guided/semi-guided and we will have some really great folks taking us around to different areas, assisting in locating animals, as well as to answer any and all questions related to how much animals cost, etc.

If you do not shoot an animal, you will only end up paying your deposit and guide tip, which is more than a steal considering what a gorgeous ranch and lodge we will be staying at, not to mention a weekend of great camaraderie!

We prefer bow hunting only but you are welcome to bring your boom stick as well if you'd like!

What should you bring?
COOL clothes
Food (we usually all bring extra and pot luck it up)
Water and booze
Pillow and blanket
Your weapon
A musical instrument if you have one!
Thick skin and a good sense of humor!
The fortitude to endure being RAM JAMMED! (you'll figure out what that means soon enough)

What ram species are on the menu?
The rams on this hunt that are $295 are going to average 1/2 to 3/4 curl, and will be a fantastic deal for the money. From there rams have a sliding price scale of 495, 695, 895, 1095, and beyond.

You will also have the chance to harvest any other animal on the ranch that you want, depending on what you're willing to spend!

How does trophy pricing work?
There are no trophy fees. The price you are given from the ranch for the animal represents your TOTAL HUNT COST, with the only thing not inclusive of that price being the $30 guide tip.

Remember: Your deposit counts toward your total hunt cost! So if you shoot a $295 ram, you only pay $145 to add on to your $150 deposit.

What are some taxidermy options?
Depending on if you go euro vs. shoulder, there are on-ranch and off-ranch options available!

Can I caravan out there with y'all?
Yes! We will designate meeting places and groups of people are welcome to congregate and roll out together!

So, in closing, if you're looking for the best deal in the state on a fantastic hunt with good people, look no further!

and now...for some teaser pics from past hunts!

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