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Default Best TBR walk-in unit.

Originally Posted by SanAngeloBowman View Post
Not sure about the gate issue but I knew it was coming. The times they will be closed is up in the air. The issue is about the dumping that occurs at NIGHT and how to stop people from doing it since SAPD cannot be evrywhere at once. I for one am all for whatever stops or deters scumbags from dumping their couches and household garbage in the middle of my hunts.

YES there will be changes and inconveniences BUT look at the brighter side of things that come with it as well..........Lazy road hunters on 4 wheelers and dumpers will NOT go walking into your hunts anymore. Those with the will and the skill will prevail with a MUCH better hunting experience.

DID y'all know that one of the best bowhunting units at TBR is ALREADY a walk-in only unit?

So before everyone gets in an uproar lets see what comes outta this. These changes are being done for YOU to better your hunting experience. If ya want to voice your opinion on the matters get to a city council meeting! If ya stay on the couch at home then ya really dont have any ground to stand on when its all said and done. Call your district rep, call the city mgr., talk to the GW when ya see them, or talk to the Lake Division folks and ask question or voice your concerns, but if ya realy wanna get heard GET INVOLVED.
I've been wanting to take a walkabout in that unit. But I have noticed three trucks there at one time and one or two (same trucks) there occationally. I will wait till sometime after hunting season as I don't want to mess up someones hunting area at this point in the season.
SAB is there any livestock in that unit? Does the unit have a defined fence bountry around it? Any cross fences?
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