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Originally Posted by deerwatcher51 View Post
I started my journey last Two weeks ago, stepped on the scale and decided enough was enough. I have lost 4 lbs in two weeks. I got back on "My Fitness Pal" to keep up with calorie intake and have been mostly walking. Planning on starting on the bowflex today.
Keep it up sir!!! It won’t be easy and it may take awhile but it’s freaking worth it!!!!!

Back and Cardio done for me

Deadlifts 15x10x10x10x10
Single arm lawnmowers 15x15x10x10
Lat pull downs 15x12x12x10
TBar Rows 15x15x12x12
Seated cable rows 15x15x12x10
Hyperextsions 25x25x25x25
Straight arm cable lat pull downs 20x15x15x15
Mch Rows 15x12x12x10xDS
Mch lat single arm pull downs 15x12x12x10

2 mile jog in 15:45
10 50 yard wind sprints


Arms abs and cardio mañana
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