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If you aren't going to have a Feeder. Grow a nice food plot.

Plant things in it that will be good for dear to eat year round. Plant it 2-4 times a year, with a mixture of seasonal sprouts.

I prefer a nice food plot as it will attract deer from way further than a Feeder will simply because there is more food to be had, so you get more deer, and they will travel longer distances ritually to come eat on it.

Find out how they come to the plot and then set up so you and they don't cross paths.

And for a great food plot have easy access to dense woods around it... Deer like inside corners of plots so they don't have to be out in the open for very long and can easily dart back into the cover for safety. Give yourself an advantage and not make a square food plot but rather one with many inside corners. Make a few points with your plot like the picture... You will thank me come season... But curse me when you plant. its not that much harder but it is a little harder than planting a rectangle.

And have water nearby. A Tank on the edge of a food plot, with dense woods... Recipe for big bucks.
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