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I went to Dominican and went "fishing". Boat took us out maybe an hour or two and than circled back. I mean they atleast threw lines out and pretended we were trolling. I was ****** and talked **** when we arrived. Still didn't get my money back. It was the first time on a fishing boat going "offshore" with the wife and she got stupid sick so I didn't mind heading back. It was 3 couples. I felt bad for the other 2, tradesman from England and got took for their money, was telling me how he had been saving for 10 years to come to the Dominican...

DR is nice but I would do some serious research about the fishing. We were there for a week, we also don't like staying in the resort. Like exploring the places we travel to. It's fairly inexpensive though, I think we spent maybe $2300 with flight and hotel. Everything included.

The Dominican has beautiful beaches and if you like exploring there are cenotes you can go to with a guide.

I know there are places to Zip Line and snorkel. I don't know how to swim so I didn't look into it much.

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