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Originally Posted by bbqfan5909 View Post
Personally, I’d run 27”tires and play it safe from rubbing. If you really want 28s, get a suspension lift for the added clearance.

As for the street tire on utv, would be great to drive around pavement roads. But when I need a true off-road tire, nothing will beat a tractor treaded 10 ply tire.
What do you mean when you say tractor treaded? Like an aggressive utv tire? And where did you find a 10 ply? 8 ply is about the best ive seen with any selection that is.

Originally Posted by texas shag View Post
I have a 2011 gas ranger and i had to get a lift bracket made to fit 27” tires. I tried getting by without the lift, but the tires rubbed way to much when turning. 26” tites are your limit on the stock setup from my experience.
Good to know. The body lift is only $175, if I need to I will just put it on. Because when we go to Camp Wood there are some really big rocks. My 26's cause me to bottom out a few times this year. I dont want to do that again.

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