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Originally Posted by donpablo View Post
We'll have to get together and give it a shot one of these days. Back in October a couple of friends and I called in a muley doe with a e-caller but she didn't give us a shot. It was a blast.
Funny you should mention that. I have a particular wheat field that butts up against a ravine on the edge of the cap. On more than one occasion (like 90% of the times I call there) I have mule deer come to the call, cottontail or jack rabbit. This last time I had a group of about 6 MDs doe and young bucks who came in not once but 4 times all within how range. I was laying prone in a shredded corner. They kept getting in my shooting lane where I expected a yote or bobcat to come. I would get up on my knees and wave at them. They would run off into the ravine, then here they would come back again. And again. It got old. It was weird!
But I may ask the farmer if I can shoot one next year
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