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Default Camp cover build

Our camp in cottle county needed some shade so we took care of that this weekend. We stay in a shipping container that sits out in the open and it has a spot in the roof that holds water. Before a leak developed, I decided we needed to cover it and make some shade while at it.

Thursday afternoon we arrived and got the post set.

Friday morning I started welding the angle iron onto the container that I cut and predrilled at home to speed up the build. Once those were on we started framing.

Saturday morning we finished up the framing and started laying the tin. I'm glad we worked until dark the day before because some heavy storms developed Saturday afternoon. We dodged the storms that afternoon and had a little time to ride around before dark. Turkeys were out strutting and gobbling all over the place. While closing a gate, I came across a horned frog which was cool to see considering I had never seen one.

It was a great weekend and nice to see ponds holding water and green pastures.

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