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Originally Posted by Killer View Post
It is sad that you have anti-hunters running a National Wildlife Refuge to start with. Hope we can turn this around!
This is the reality all across public land. Most of the people working for USFW, forest service, even TPWD to an extent(not as bad as the federal level)..... got into it to protect and conserve the land and animals. The majority of them believe that the refuge all across the nation should be "A REFUGE" and only act like they support hunting, when in reality they really wish it would go away.

We as hunters (myself included) need to start doing a better job of being vocal about our issues. I know most of us make fun of the tree hugger protesters but they do get out and let their stance be heard and heard very loudly. (Squeeze wheel)

We need to start demanding better access to land that is ALL OF OURS, not the people who run and manage the land. The public hunting in TX is a joke if you compar it to most other state. I know that pretty much every other state has more public land but the way hunts are conducted are a joke. Most other states when you draw a tag they give you an entire season to conduct the hunt not just 3-5 days and never allow you to step foot on the property before hand. I understand that the hunts conducted on the state parks have to be way more controlled but there is no need to control the hunts as much as they are on our WMA's, corps property....
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