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Originally Posted by masonred View Post
I got tired of points getting loose. Simply ideas seem to pass me sometimes. I've used lock tight on scope ring bolts but never thought to use it on arrows. The nail polish was mentioned to me and I got to thinking about other things that would work. What have yall used and how did it work.
Lock tight has different strengths so does nail polish color matter, yes dumb joke.
Seriously what have worked for you?
Clear nail polish works the same as the Blue Loctite. The clear nail polish is way cheaper than Loctite. Nail polish would work fine for keeping your point secure. Personally I use string wax along with pliers, it drives me crazy to have nock points coming loose.

Like mentioned above, I have used clear nail polish for years mounting scopes and some other gunsmithing jobs. The clear nail polish holds great but will "break" loose with a little pressure.
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