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Originally Posted by Bigyummy77 View Post
I guess when you're a big timmer, as you already stated, you don't need to worry about anything like this happening to you. You sure are boastful. Just because someone spends less does not make them less of a human. You can keep saying things like "Guess he wasn't in 1st class, lol".., and whatever else makes you feel you should be treated so much better. But, there are much more hard working people, not saying you don't work hard, that cannot afford 1st class, or 1 million miles on this or that airline. Does that mean they are less meaningful? Maybe I missed something between the 1st and last page I read, maybe not.

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Every passenger pays their dues...i'm no different...i paid mine.. in 20yrs of travel, i can count on both hands how many times i have paid for a 1st class seating... doesn't matter if someone flies 1x or 1000x per yr... doesn't make anyone less also doesnt exempt grown *** adults from responsibility of their actions & what they commit to...the fact he may have been uneducated abt a contract he committed to IS NOT United's's his

Fact is if human nature wasn't what human nature is & mature adults could be mature adults half of the language could be omitted...this is true well beyond airline language btw

But if you think long term clients loyal to you, that pay on time, are not inportant to business & should receive perks...why don't all folks work for min wage & 3 days of PTO? Why reward loyal employees with more benefits, pay, time off...why not just treat everyone the same??

The rational is the same for reward the good, disgard the bad

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