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Originally Posted by tradtiger View Post
Really don't quite understand why some insist on arguing the fine print of "contracts of carriage". Why is it difficult to comprehend the common sense way of conducting civilized business? In this particular situation United was obviously penny wise and pound foolish. They wouldn't go higher than $800 to get a seated passenger to voluntarily give up their seat on the plane, so they opted to call in law enforcement to create a multi-million dollar public relations fiasco. Stupid move. Period.
I can only speak for myself...but i argue it only b/c it's a contract he entered into when he bought the ticket. No different than breaking a law & subsequently claiming ignorance of that law as an excuse... if he wasn't aware of it..he should have been, while I understand most average travelers may not even know it exists, that's no excuse for throwing a tantrum when it's enforced

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