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Originally Posted by Livin'2hunt View Post
Fascinating. So, like you, United Airlines states some people are worth more than others. I own my own business and treat everyone with respect until they no longer deserve it. I don't tie up their schedule thereby wasting their time and money, I just tell them I will no longer do their work. What United did is the equivalent of my accepting work, being paid for it prior to services being rendered and then deciding I'm going turkey hunting moments before work commences.

It's all good though because I put it 40+ pages deep into a stupid contract no one reads. That sums up your position and if you claim to have read their contract as a paying customer, you're a liar.
You just might wanna know a fella before calling him
A liar...& yes i have read every contract of carriage of every airline i've flown...out of necessity, not b/c I didn't have anything better to

& yes...fact of matter is some customers are worth more than others....hence the whole reason a contract of carriage is in place resolve such disputes before they occur

I don't know your line of work...but i know mine...if i have 2 clients in need of a specific resource (& i only have 1 guy who can do the work).one does $1M worth of business with me & another does $50k annually...i am going to staff the $1M client with the resource & offer the $50k client compensation...why...b/c one client is "better" than the other in terms of revenue

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