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Originally Posted by Nova View Post
Anyone that tells you the age of a mature deer with certainty based on a jaw bone alone is full of it. It is a guess at best.
Not true across the board at all... You CAN be very accurate for a specific piece of property and a specific herd given time and good data collection. What I mean is a "GOOD" management program is developed for a herd on a piece of property over time. We managed a 10,000 acre piece of property that was part of a larger piece of property that was under similar management practices. This program was maintained for over 30 years. We kept very detailed data on very deer harvested including age, weight body characteristics, harvest location, etc. We used jaw bone aging consistently with this herd for the whole period... In that time, we could very well determine the real age of most of all the deer we harvested. We had history, location, pics, video, you name it... these deer were under almost continuous monitoring of some type. This was a low fence ranch, but was over 50,000 acres so we indeed had a consistent natural genetics herd and we knew it's age and characteristics very well and very accurately. The jawbone was the basis we used and whether the age of the deer was 4 1/2 or 5 1/2 or something else, the relative difference in the jaw bone wear was VERY consistent unless there was some abnormality in the deer.

I agree that aging a random deer based on a general standard is a guess, although a good educated guess.
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