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Originally Posted by mills650 View Post
It's hard to see how heavy-duty your gate is... The guillotine style has to be pretty straight and the channels it slide in square for to slide shut freely. Trapped hogs will run across the trap at full speed and slam into it, repeatedly. If it's too light duty they'll either break through it or bend it so much that it won't close.
It's made of square tubing and pretty heavy. The frame that it slides in is made of angle iron. It drops well and is a booger to set by myself since I only have two hands. This isn't the first time I've used it, just the first time with this trigger. I've caught hogs in it before, and my experience has been that the hogs will hit the pen everywhere and not just concentrate on the gate. The biggest hog I've caught in it probably only weighed 150 lb. or so, usually the bigger hogs won't go in. I think others trap around me and these hogs are trap shy. I also have a box trap and I've never caught a hog in it at this place.
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