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Originally Posted by Horitexan View Post
It's tragic that this young man died over a propaganda poster and I feel for any parents that lose a child at that age.

That said, this young man CHOSE to go on a non-school sponsored, Chinese-run tour group named after communist propaganda youth groups; and his parents agreed to it and paid for it, by their own admission. Now, call me crazy (and apparently more educated than his parents) but there's NO way one of my kids would go on a trip like that. Is it really possible that this kid and his family (who live in a very educated and affluent community) did not realize this was a trip into the real-world version of Dr. Evil or any number of James Bond's evil enemies? I know it sounds harsh when this poor kid died but, jeez, where's the personal responsibility? This wasn't even a missionary trip or an aid worker mission - it was a sightseeing tour and biking excursion along the north side of the DMZ! WTH? THEN, the kid steals a poster from the worlds most repressive regime. This whole deal was 100% avoidable! 100%! This wasn't a bad decision - a bad decision is stealing beer from a convenience store or trying drugs. THIS was the single dumbest and most unnecessary decisions I've ever heard of and it's hard to imagine how this wasn't doomed to end this way.

I really feel for the loss of a child for ANY reason; and I'm trying to cut the family some slack. However, when I keep hearing the father claim that his son was, "lured" by the NK's and lay 100% of the blame at NK's feet, it rubs me wrong. That's just not the case and if I were him I'd be RIDDLED with guilt.

I hear people saying it's 'time to deal with NK' now that this tragic deal occurred. NO, it was time to deal with this LONG ago. And the stupidity of the Americans that continue to travel to this backward rogue nation, and continue to end up in captivity, only complicates matters and makes it harder to take a hard line! If the government takes a hard line and NK executes some hostages, then there's an outcry that the US government did wrong. It's a no-win situation. The US State Department has warned ALL US citizens not to travel to NK - for ANY reason! What more does it take? Idiots (no matter how well-intentioned) keep going over there and providing NK with hostages to keep us in line. They know we won't do anything too serious as long as there are US citizens being held. Stupid Americans just keep ignoring the State Department and providing NK with a source of hostages. Then, we all have to feel sorry for them and their families. Call me crazy or just mean but I'm done feeling sorry for people who play with fire and then get burned.

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