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Originally Posted by flywise View Post
What if every meeting with the Russians was to assure them Trump is going to honar the uranium deals the Clintons set up?

What difference does it make?

What exactly do you fear happened in these meet and greets?

Why is Russia such a thing with liberals?

Did any liberal have any real concern that The Clintons have sold out this country going all the way back to the 90's when Bill allowed the communist china to buy advanced tech allowing them to make great strides in their missile guidance systems? Hillary selling off our the russians

You believing there is anything other than a witch hunt underway against the Trump admin. just shows how foolish you are

Why all the secrecy?

Why the original denials of contact?

Why not just be truthful about all of those involved?

Instead the trump admin keeps getting drug the mud by the media.

He should hold a press conference today and spill the beans about everyone in the admin that has met with the ruskies & what the conversation was about.

Or he can just keep on looking like a liar and a con-man. His choice really, unless he is hiding something.

We could start here: He can produce his taxes to prove its nothing financial
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