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Originally Posted by bloodstick View Post
So do i still need to bring my pot and burner if BrandonA and Clint have identical large cookers, and you will have yours?
It really all depends on the amount of crawfish we get. If we have a stellar year and get 10+ bags again, the 2 big cookers and a side pot should be plenty. Figuring an hour for the first batch from cold water fire up to dumping bugs and 35-40 per batch after that. We could have 2 batches each and do 10 sacks in roughly 2-2.5 hours. Thats assuming the cookers can roll 1.5-2 sacks each. My 80 qt pots are good for right at 50 lbs each, no potatoes corn sausage etc. Meaning packed with bugs.

If we can get sleepy's cooker......oh mylanta. That thing handles 2 sacks and comes to boil faster than anything I've ever seen. That would take a huge bulk of the cooking and would allow us to cook veggies in the smaller cookers, leaving the pots at home. But time will tell. We have time to polish up the cooking.

More importantly......SHIRTS!!!!

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