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Last year we had Skye's cooker and my 3 pots. I used one for rolling and one for soaking. The other was for veggies. We cooked 10-11 sacks in no time. If We have 2 big cookers and my 2 pots we should be able to roll 5 sacks at once. That should be plenty. So if we end up with a decent crowd, 10 sacks again, that puts us rolling twice and a side pot for veggies. Done. I'll hit up Blake for seasoning as usual.

Oh.....and I bought some paddles. Waiting for Mary to release the new logo.

Crawfish and $$$ for Bugs - wcb, Poco, gpena

Big cookers and propane -
BrandonA (cooker)
Bloodstick (pot)
Bowhican (pots burners propane)

100qt coolers - qty 2 wcb

15 lbs red potatoes- brrdnk

15 lbs corn on cob-

10 lbs of onions- canoe1

8 lbs whole garlic - brrdnk

8 lbs mushroom- canoe1

6 large lemon juice bottles- BenBen

spice mix-

prep tables - bloodstick

Drums- (if we get the octagon tables)

tables/4 drums)

water hoses - qty 2 wcb,gpena

EZ Up's- 10x10 & 10x20 wcb

Tee shirts & design

Crawfish party flags - Poco (2) Bowhica

paper Towels- Bowhica


Bowls for bugs - gpena

Smoked sausage - ? lbs

Edamame beans - 5-6 bags and sacks to cook them in-

Heavy Duty Trash Bags- BenBen
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