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Originally Posted by Mex. Bowhunter View Post
Yeah that was my last ranch on P/L. When we started deer numbers were low and on a wet yr. Big deer were killed. We hunted that area from 89' till 2001. The last 6 or 7 yrs it seemed to just get worse and worse. A lot of hunters moved in and a lot of the top ranches were just shot out. Deer numbers got really out of hand during those yrs also. I think the numbers played a big factor on horn going away also. I will always miss that country being that's where it all started for me and my father.

A lot of the ranches got split up over the yrs since we started. That also didn't help anything

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We do have a lot of deer. We have Nilgai too though. This is our first year there. Not sure what to expect really. We have lots of water so that should help. Did you fill your place yet? I know we need rain but hopefully we get a little less than last year. That was a mess.
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