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Turned the TV on late and only caught the last couple innings. Was switching between the Rockets and the Astros.. watched the bottom of the 9th and the stranded runners... ugh! That was painful. When I came back to a 3-1 game in the top of the 10th it was late and had to go to bed early. Watching the rockets last night was painful too.

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And that "cheap *** HR" was a hanging mistake that Chirinos promptly put over the left field fence. The only thing cheap about it was the seat it landed in.

Seriously though... what exactly is a cheap HR? Like I always say, the batters get to swing at whatever is thrown at them... and it is the same distance to the yellow line for everybody.

Edit: Would have preferred the Stros on Root/ATT/639 and the rockets on ESPN... the calling on ESPN left much to be desired.

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