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the small bolts are the retainers for the ILF fittings in the limbs.
The rattle you are hearing could be those fittings.
Remove those small bolts, and under them you will find a spring, and a pin.
Do not try to remove the ILF insert itself.
After you get the springs, and pins out, stuff some vaseline in the bolt holes,
then reinstall everything.
Don't over tighten the bolts.
That should fix the rattle problem, unless it's the limb bolts backed off to far.

The large head bolt are the limb bolts, and they are what you use to adjust tiller & draw weight.
They have locking screws in holes on the belly side of the riser, and they have to be loosened before you can turn the limb bolts.

Unstring the bow, loosen the locking screws (back them up pretty good), then turn the limb bolts all the way down.
After you have that done, string the bow back up, and check the tiller. Just measure from the string to the belly side of the limbs right at the riser.

Since you are just getting started with it, "IF" the tiller measurements are anywhere from even to 1/4" more on the top limb, tighten those locking screws down, and get back to shooting.

Do that, lets see where it goes, and we'll go from there after we see.


Edit for a P.S.
Those limbs are rated for draw weight on a 19" riser.
On a 21" riser they will usually be lower in draw weight,
Check the draw weight again after you do the bolt adjusting.
If those limb bolts were backed off much, that could be why the draw weight is lower than expected.

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