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Don't overlook Unit 6. This area is accessed via the main park entrance off of Hwy 67 at the old gas station near the Twin Buttes them selvs. follow road into main park area . When you see the boat ramp and campsites turn right (west) and follow the roads closest to the FENCELINE to the interior of the unit.

Now here the important part. DO NOT take a 2wd vehicle out there, period. you MUST have 4wd vehicle that you don't mind trashing OR take a 4wheeler. It is loose rocky sometimes steep and overgrown tree branches everywhere. I have personally winched other TBH'ers outta this area at 2am before....BUT, if you can get way back to where it starts opening up a bit and see the meadows nears the river area (Check google earth, etc.) which is about half to two thirds of the way into the unit, you will have some GREAT hunting probably all to yourself. Seldom does anyone hunt this area and there is a low fenced 2800 acre game ranch that boarders most the entire units west fenceline.
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