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Originally Posted by bcdawg1 View Post
Have fed 20% sheep/goat pellets for the last couple years in the hill country, deer hammer it. In comparing labels side by side with 20% deer pellets from the same mill the goat pellets had a slightly higher fat content and about half the vitamin A content, only detectable difference from the labels. The goat/sheep pellets were larger diameter than the deer pellets but the deer chewed them up just the same.

Just my opinion and am sure many will disagree, but if my deer were in a pen and eating nothing but protein I could be concerned about differences in trace minerals but am feeding free range deer and the pellets are only part of their diet.

Am also interested in where to get 16% cattle feed for $3.50/bag as I will feed it in a heartbeat if I can get it for that. The sheep/goat pellets I have been buying run about $1.50 per bag cheaper than the deer pellets, around $7/bag.
What brand of feed and where do you get it?
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