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Now that I have a hammer device on one of my feeders (acquired this summer from Mike) I do not stop. Prior to this year, we would last fill the free choice feeders in September, timed so that they would run empty just as bow season was opening. Then we would have them refilled the first week of December. So we were feeding 10 months. Now this season they were getting 40 pounds per day from the hammer and never really went without.

We had WBC scheduled to come fill all of the feeders last Monday, 12/6, but due to the rains we had the ranch was too wet all of last week. They were able to get in this week and now all the critters are happy. Should help the axis get their antlers kicking!

Will make hunting this weekend and new year's weekend a little tougher, but better overall to get everything through these cold fronts.

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