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Here's a thought. Watch the shooting video again. Most everyone is leaned forward running or crouching down that can most definitely lend a factor as to bullet trajectory... next conspiracy theory argument. Don't lose sight of the facts that lead to this. Bandidos, Cossacks and their support groups(Latin Steel, Companeros, Gyspies, Scimitars, Trusted Few) were flexing their muscles at each other as a turf war has been brewing for a long while. It all came to a head on this fateful day. Unfortunately society today lends more credibility to the "exception to the rule theory" instead of the reality in relying on the highest percentage odd that the victims/suspects actually were the ones responsible for what happened. Alas, everyone is a victim these days and the media are the ones fueling the fire by giving people their 30 seconds of victim filled stardom.
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