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Originally Posted by Texas Tracker View Post
Well in the autopsy reports the word 'Downwards" come in play a lot.
Boyett, 44, of Waco, was shot twice in the head and once in the abdomen. Both bullets to his head one from the top and one from behind
Campbell, 43, of Fort Worth, was shot once in the head, with the bullet entering through his chin, exiting and then re-entering through his neck.
Jordan, 31, of Pasadena, suffered one gunshot wound to the head. The bullet traveled from back to front, slightly left to right and slightly downward.
The bullet traveled from back to front and downward. The bullet that struck his right thigh traveled downward, slightly left to right and slightly back to front. Fragments of a jacketed bullet were recovered from his thigh.
Rhyne, 39, of Ranger, suffered a gunshot wound to the left side of the neck that partially exited through his upper back and a gunshot wound to the lower abdomen, in addition to abrasions on his right hand.
Rodriguez, 65, of New Braunfels, was shot in the head and in the back. The projectile that was recovered on the left side of his head was not described in the report. The bullet went from front to back and slightly downward.

These bikers must be real tall all over 8 feet to shoot each other with a downward angle like that. Come on now you still think the police did not shoot these guys?
I haven't kept up with all of this but are there some saying the police missed with every shot they took? Isn't it a given the police shot some guys that day?
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